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Beware of buying fake Mr. Nice Guy incense online

Unfortunately the high demand for buyers to choose Mr. Nice Guy Incense as their favorite herbal smoke blend brand has put into play individuals seeking to profit from the popularity of the branding yet selling a lower quality and more importantly less strong product. Some tips about buying authentic Mr. Nice Guy Incense product include:

  • Mr. Nice Guy Incense Herbal Smoke Blend products are always sold in single gram packages – no eighths or multi-gram packs of authentic product exist, so if you see these, you can immediately identify the product as non-genuine.
  • Only buy Mr. Nice Guy Incense Herbal Smoke Blend products that contain a genuine barcode on the back – if you are unsure of whether your product is fake, email with the numbers from the UPC on the back of the package and we will confirm whether it is genuine.
  • If the price of your Mr. Nice Guy Incense is too good to believe, then that’s probably the case. Genuine product, even when you buy it online, never costs less than half-off retail. Retail Mr. Nice Guy Incense sells for $25 per gram in my area (Austin, TX).

If you want to buy guaranteed genuine Mr. Nice Guy incense online, check under out category “Trusted Sources To Buy From” where we’ve listed reliable places to buy genuine product.


How awesome is Mr. Nice Guy incense?!

Welcome bloggers and incense / herbal smoke blend enthusiasts! If you haven’t tried it already, by word of mouth you should already know that Mr. Nice Guy incense is the strongest herbal smoke blend around. Already banned in 13 states! Only genuine Mr. Nice Guy has the highest quality ingredients to provide for your satisfaction – so get the best to make sure your experience lives up to the reputation!

We’ve got the best and cheapest places to buy Mr. Nice Guy incense online under the section “Trusted Sources To Buy From.”

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